Service Plans

An active service plan is required for each camera. Service plan must be renewed annually.
VIAAS service requires a broadband Internet connection with at least 384kbps uplink bandwidth (100kbps bandwidth per camera with bandwidth shaping). Cameras in HD mode will require more bandwidth.






Video quality (max) HD D1 HD HD
Video resolution (max) 720 X 480 720 X 480 1280 X 720 1920 X 1080
Video retention (days) Up to 30* 7 30 (60 & 90 avail) 30 (60 & 90 avail)
Max number of cameras Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of user logins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Motion detection
Surveillance operations screen
Live video dashboard
Motion and activity alerts
Mobile phone video access
Audio recording
Multi-site management system
Role-based access
Long-term storage
Advanced reporting
Scheduled recording events
Yearly MSRP per camera $59 $119 $239 $419

* Varies based on the number and size of recorded events.